Recorded on October 31, 2012


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What's the Situation? Delivering Quality Web Experiences in Today's Complex Landscape

Not long ago, going on the web meant you were sitting at a desk, with a computer sporting a fixed-line connection. Fast forward just a few years and the world has radically changed.

Mainstream use of Wi-Fi, cellular, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices have fundamentally changed the way we experience the web. The desktop experience is diversifying as well. In 2005, Internet Explorer had over 80% of the browser market and today four browsers have more than a 10% share each.* And user expectations? In 2006, we were OK with waiting four seconds for a page to load. By 2009, we got antsy at 2 seconds.**

It's exponentially more difficult to ensure great online user experiences.

To address these challenges, Akamai recently announced AQUA Ion - the ground-breaking situational performance solution - a tightly integrated suite of intelligent acceleration and optimization technologies. And we'd like to show you how our solution can help address the challenges of delivering optimal experiences in today's complex, fractured world.

  • What the new challenges are so you can spot them before they are a problem;
  • Methods for addressing performance issues to multiple devices; and
  • Tips and tricks for delivering optimal experiences for large and complex sites.


MJ Johnson
Director, Product Marketing
Akamai Technologies

* Source: Netmarketshare & Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report, Aug 2012
** Source: eCommerce Website Performance Today, Forrester Consulting, Aug 2009


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